CWMF Prides itself on being a small company that produces big equipment. While we understand that no job or project is exactly the same, we work to offer the same quality equipment and service to all our customers.

We achieve this is by helping our customers get a visual representation of their equipment before the first bolt is tightened. To do this, we use 3-dimensional modeling software called Inventor.

What is Inventor?

Inventor is a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software program that works with a full set of design and engineering tools. It helps our designers create a full 3D mechanical design and product simulation of the components our customers are looking to design. Using this software, we can customize solutions for your specific needs, anticipate problems, and work more efficiently.

The Benefits of Using Inventor

Created by a company called Autodesk, Inventor features some amazing collaboration tools. Designs are cloud-based, meaning changes and updates are saved automatically and anyone viewing the designs gets instant feedback from wherever they are. Best of all, you don’t need any special software or device to contribute. You can collaborate on a design from any internet-connected device using a secure web link – even from your smartphone!

Other than saving time and aiding collaboration, Inventor is an irreplicable tool in designing custom components and additions to our customer’s needs. Our CWMF designers can choose from standard components or create custom solutions. Ultimately, this saves time and reduces waste (not to mention costs!) during your project.

CWMF has been a trusted company in the stationary and portable asphalt industry for decades. We work hard not only to retain our reputation but to stay current on the latest industry trends and technologies. Contact us for a site evaluation, expansion project idea, new equipment upgrades, or to discuss your custom needs.

To learn more about Inventor from Autodesk, visit their website for further information and instructional videos.


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