asphalt feed bin systems

RAP/RAS, and Cold Feed Bin Systems

Situated at the beginning of the asphalt manufacturing process, the bins hold the various forms and sizes of virgin aggregate, reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), and reclaimed asphalt shingles (RAS). Each bin holds material in pieces of roughly uniform size. Belt conveyors move the various materials in specific weight increments at designated speeds to deliver the desired proportions into the mixing drum for the drying and mixing process.

We offer a complete line of portable, stationary, and skid-mounted RAP, RAS, and cold feed bins, designed to be flexible and adaptable so you can grow or shrink an existing line.

system of 4 feed bins for asphalt production

Bin Systems Built-to-Order with Highest Structural Integrity

Our cold feed and RAP/RAS bins are available in multiple bin configurations with customizable controls, all designed to meet specific plant needs.

Feed Bin System Features

Key features of our feed bin systems include reinforced framing, perimeter support legs, and convenient service platforms for thoughtful and durable construction that lasts. We offer them in standard 10×14 and 10×16 bin sizes with 1/4″ bin wall construction.

We offer a complete line of portable, stationary, and skid-mounted RAP/RAS and cold feed bins, designed with flexibility and adaptability so you can grow or shrink an existing line. We can pre-make and install vulcanized or mechanical splices in a fraction of the time required by traditional designs.

RAP/RAS Negative Weigh System

Nothing interferes with accurate weighing thanks to the independent mounting of auxiliary components like our grizzly and catwalk. Compression load cells with self-centering capabilities allow for greater accuracy and alignment compared to deflection beams. Placing the load cells at the top of the leg versus the bottom on the RAP bin aids in stability and longevity, and allows us to mount the bulkhead directly to the legs of the unit.

cutaway view of a feed bin system for asphalt production

Feed Bin System Options

We offer customizable options for RAP/RAS and Cold Feed Bin Systems.

  • 24″-42″ FEEDER BELTS