Family Owned, Customer Driven.

We build long-term relationships by earning the trust of our customers. As a family-owned and operated business offering state-of-the-art portable and stationary asphalt plant equipment, we believe in having a personal touch with our customers from the start and throughout our relationship. People always come first. When you call for service or solutions, you can speak to an owner.

Our collaborative approach drives customer-specific solutions, from new and retrofit asphalt plant equipment and parts to consultative design and development. We can help you ensure that it all goes together and keeps running optimally and efficiently. We are large enough to supply your equipment needs, while still being flexible and responsive. In a nutshell, we deliver:

  • Customer-driven equipment & solutions

  • Unparalleled service after the sale
  • Complete product line designed & built in house

Expertise At Your Service

Travis Mick

Vice President of Business Development
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Travis Mick is a second-generation owner of this family company where he has worked his entire life from the shop floor to the office. He has spent decades designing custom asphalt equipment and innovating with customers for efficiency and productivity. Leading customer service and product development, he is personally invested in each and every project.

“As our family-owned business has grown over the years, we ‘ve never lost that personal connection with our customers that is so essential. We want our customers to know our team is reachable at any time, before, during, and after the sale. We are here for them; we don’t just go away after the sale.”

Travis Mick

“Our customers don’t have to go through several channels to get their answers. They can go directly to the source (salesperson/team member) to get what they need. We make our service team available by cell phone numbers so customers can connect with us directly.

Wally Olson

Wally Olson

Wally Olson

Focused on the asphalt industry since 1996, Wally serves as CWMF’s Regional Sales Manager. With 25 years of hands-on Asphalt Plant and Parts experience, he brings deep insight and industry expertise to provide quality solutions and dedicated service for our customers.

Customer Service Solutions

As a small company that produces big equipment, we work in close collaboration with our customers to help them run at peak efficiency and optimize overall plant performance. That means understanding the nuances of their operations and objectives, and often custom designing hot mix asphalt plant equipment for their specific needs.

Our consultative approach to service and solutions is rooted firmly in our values of flexibility, integrity, excellence, loyalty, and drive. Working with us from the beginning of any asphalt equipment project gives our customers the opportunity to build on decades of experience. We start with a visual representation using a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software system called Inventor from Autodesk for 3-dimensional (3D) modeling software. Our designers create a full 3D mechanical design and product simulation of the components our customers are looking to design. Using this software, we can customize solutions for specific needs, anticipate problems, and work more efficiently. This saves time and reduces waste (not to mention costs!) during your project.

As a full-service manufacturing company, we engineer most of our products to order with a confident team that works together to make this happen. Whether it’s cold feed bins, drums, silos, or the entire plant, we get the job done in-house, from start to finish. This provides an exceptional experience for our customers and for the dedicated team standing behind their products.

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