RAP Crusher Equipment for Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Processing

RAP Crusher Equipment processes milled and recycled asphalt into relatively uniform pieces that are then mixed with liquid AC and other aggregates to make high-quality asphalt for paving.

The Federal Highway Administration Research & Technology (FHWA) division of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) reports that “based on incomplete data, it is estimated that as much as 41 million metric tons (45 million tons) of RAP may be produced each year in the United States.”

At CWMF, we help recycle the road with the RAP Boss Portable RAP Crusher and Scale System featuring the fiercely reliable Honey Badger RAP Crusher and our Tremor Shaker™ Scalping Screen.

RAP Boss and RAP Boss Jr. RAP Crusher Equipment System

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Our RAP Boss and RAP Boss Jr. allow hot mix and crushed asphalt producers to minimize material handling, reduce or eliminate RAP crushing costs, and reduce RAP product moisture.

Honey Badger RAP Crusher for Recycled Asphalt

The Honey Badger RAP crushing machine is ready for wear and tear. And that doesn’t just mean crushing the pavement. It also crushes costs, with an average return on investment reflecting 1/8 the cost of other crushing operations.

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Tremor Shaker™ Scalping Screen

The CWMF Tremor Shaker™ scalping screen incorporates several innovations that enable cost savings, extend the life of the equipment, and reduce the need for adjustments during operations. The scalping screen works with RAP crusher equipment to prevent oversized material from entering the drum mixer.

Tremor Shaker Scalping Screen RAP Crusher Equipment

What Customers Are Saying

We are really impressed with the honey badger! It has really made a huge difference in our rap mix. We switched from a competitor to your Honey Badger. The Badger has been putting out very consistent gradations for us, Thank you for such a great product.

Mike McCormick, Northern Improvement Co