RAP Crushers for Recycled Asphalt Pavement Processing

The RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) Crusher processes milled and recycled asphalt into relatively uniform pieces that are then mixed with liquid AC and other aggregates to make high-quality asphalt for paving.

This is how the asphalt industry helps protect the environment. The Federal Highway Administration Research & Technology (FHWA) division of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) reports that “based on incomplete data, it is estimated that as much as 41 million metric tons (45 million tons) of RAP may be produced each year in the United States.”

At CWMF, we help recycle the road with the fiercely reliable Honey Badger RAP Crusher for recycled asphalt.

Honey Badger RAP Crusher for Recycled Asphalt

From replaceable abrasion-resistant steel wear liners to a 1/2″ steel pulverizing hopper, this machine is ready for wear and tear. Included is a two-way valve hydraulic power pack that performs a controlled close of the pulverizing hopper top so that safety is never compromised. Fully equipped with max power, reliable operation, and easy maintenance, the Honey Badger is ready to crush it!

And that doesn’t just mean crushing the pavement. It also crushes costs, with an average return on investment reflecting 1/8 the cost of other crushing operations. Here are some of the ways the Honey Badger delivers on cost savings:

  • Typical 6-month ROI  (for a 300,000 ton/season plant)
  • Reduced or eliminated crushing costs
  • Lower fuel consumption due to reduced RAP moisture
  • Minimal material handling

Honey Badger RAP Crusher Features

Below you’ll find some of the features that make our Honey Badger RAP Crusher a great fit for meeting industry recycled asphalt needs.

Pulverizing Hopper

  • 1/2″ steel pulverizing hopper with structural steel sub-base.
  • Heavy-duty rotor assembly including:
  • Premium grade 3″ cast carbide tungsten impregnated hammers
  • Precision machined driveshaft
  • 3/4″ rotor disks
  • Grease lubricated pillow block bearings
  • Heavy-duty abrasion-resistant steel grate to properly size material.
  • Relieved anti-plugging design
  • Variety of sizes available

2-way PowerPack

  • Bi-directional rotational operation
  • Hydraulically actuated pulverizing hopper opens for easy interior access
  • 2-way valve hydraulic power pack
  • Added safety “controlled close” of pulverizing hopper top

Internal Wear Liners

  • Replaceable abrasion-resistant steel wear liners
  • Consistently sized
  • Dual stacked 3/4″ abrasion-resistant steel impact anvil bars
  • Metal trap area

What Customers Are Saying

We are really impressed with the honey badger! It has really made a huge difference in our rap mix. We switched from a competitor to your Honey Badger. The Badger has been putting out very consistent gradations for us, Thank you for such a great product.

Mike McCormick, Northern Improvement Co