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The Innovative, Economical, Durable Tremor Shaker™ Scalping Screen

The scalping screen serves the important function by preventing oversized material from entering the drum mixer. Considered a component of the cold feed system, the single- or double-deck grizzly-style scalping screen usually sits between the collecting conveyor and the drum mixer. It has either slotted or square openings just larger than the size of aggregate desired for your optimal asphalt mix.

The CWMF Tremor Shaker™ incorporates several innovations that enable cost savings, extend the life of the equipment, and reduce the need for adjustments during operations.

Shaking Up Design with Innovation that Simplifies Operation

Not all innovation is “high-tech” – sometimes making things more simple is just what the customer needs. That’s just what we did with this long-standing technology, making it easier to customize and use.

Tremor Shaker Screen Features

Our economical and durable Tremor Shaker™ Scalping Screen has an innovative simplified design for ease of adjustment to fit a variety of applications. It’s available in sizes ranging from 3’x6′ to 5’x12′ and in single or double deck configurations.

Equipped with an eccentric flywheel design, C-style shaker springs, and a pivoting motor base, our shaker controls the length and direction of the shaker deck motion to help absorb and isolate the vibration of the shaker. While in operation and during peak start-ups, the pivoting motor keeps a constant belt tension, minimizing required adjustments.

scalping screen used with recycle conveyor
scalping screen with stand

Scalping Screen Options

We offer customizable options for the Tremor Shaker™ Scalping Screen







What Customers Are Saying

We purchase CWMF’s 4×8 and 4×10 Tremor Screens due to the quality of the build. They are tough little screens that get the job done. They’re very well made and stand up to whatever we or our customers can throw at them.

CWMF is a great company to work with. They’re down-to-earth people, easy to work with, and love seeing their customers succeed. They build quality equipment at a fair price.

We stand behind the products we sell, as CWMF stands behind the quality of the equipment they manufacturer.

Kurtis Lemar, Assistant Sales Manager
General Equipment & Supply