Drum mixers for asphalt production

New & Retrofit Mixer Drum for Asphalt Production

It’s a big process with a big job. Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), fines like sand, stone, and other aggregates, and liquid AC enter the mixer drum for processing and exit to silos for storage. The giant tilted rotating drum has a combustion chamber at one end. This produces heat to dry the aggregates before the rotating drum mixes it with the liquid AC binder to create paving asphalt in a continuous process.

The CWMF Revolution D™ drum mixer is where it all comes together, from our rare expertise with drum retrofits to innovative design features that add efficiencies, productivity, and ease of use. Our engineers work side-by-side with your team to design the drum that’s just right for your system.

Revolution D™ Drum Mixer Features

The Revolution D™ drum mixer is known for its heavy-duty, rugged design and innovative features. Whether stationary or portable, new or retrofit, this is one drum you can’t beat.


A key element of the drum mixer is the trunnion and its base, which allows it to tilt at the precise angle needed. Making meticulous adjustments to get the angle just right is called “training” and it can be intimidating given the sheer size of the mixer drum. Our robust base chassis with machined mating surfaces and Timken railcar bearings help avoid adjustment and coning challenges that can arise with a traditional flat trunnion base design.

Timken railcar bearings, which are our standard, are true workhorses designed to handle substantial thrust and radial loads. Our center pivot, single-point design makes adjusting trunnions easy in comparison to more traditional pillow block bearings. We also skew the trunnion bases at an angle, which distributes the load better and it maintains full-face contact with the tire. Machining the mating surfaces ensures a consistent, parallel outcome.

asphalt mixer drum trunnion single pivot-point base crop


A secured and balance tire extends life expectancy and reduces costly downtime. Our adjustable Wedge-Lok™ system, a trusted design we’ve been using for over 25 years, allows the end user to secure the tire to the mixer drum and eliminate independent rotation by simply adjusting setscrews. The inclined plane mechanism provides superb holding strength and there is no need to apply shim stock.

mixer drum flighting schematic

Flight design is what allows a drum mixer to achieve proper mix, exposing the aggregate to the heat generated by the burner gases without dropping it through the flame. The optimal flight design equips the drum mixer to remove the moisture from the aggregate, coat it with asphalt cement, and heat the coated material to the proper discharge temperature. Whether in our Revolution D™ drum mixer or in a retrofit design, CWMF designs the flight for efficient operation.

Retrofit Opportunities

When you need to replace your barrel, beat your budget with a mixer drum retrofit to increase production and efficiency without the investment of a new drum. A leader in the retrofit market, we’ll work with you to come up with the best solution at a competitive price. The retrofit also creates opportunities to increase production by improving your flight design and/or lengthening the barrel. You may also be able to increase burner efficiencies through a retrofit.

We just don’t believe you should have to replace your existing frame, drives, or other components if the drum is the only part that’s worn out. We can often reuse existing components and can retrofit any competitor model.

Drum Retro Before

Drum Retro After

To provide the full benefit of the retrofit, we can convert your system from a chain drive to a trunnion or modify your existing trunnion to our single-point trunnion adjustment model. In addition, we can convert it to incorporate our Wedge-Lok tire suspension system and larger recycle collar.

Drum Mixer Options

From chute-fed and slinger fed to liner packages and variable frequency drives, we can meet all your needs.



    • Wear bars on the recycle collar
    • Recycle buckets laminated with CCO
    • Wear bars on discharge paddles