Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Design & Development

If you’re considering or planning on building a hot mix asphalt plant or expanding on your existing operation, you likely have a question or two. Or maybe a couple… hundred. That’s because it’s complex and highly specialized. And not everyone who recognizes the marketplace opportunities of asphalt and paving is necessarily already an expert in what it takes to build an efficient asphalt production facility. Getting this massive undertaking right requires vast experience and deep expertise.

Our focused, hands-on work with asphalt plant customers for more than 30 years gives us a unique vantage point. We know what it takes and what questions to ask. We’ve seen it all, and love nothing more than to bring that knowledge and experience to you through end-to-end consultation, planning, and collaborative development of your hot mix asphalt plant. We can help you ensure that it all goes together optimally and efficiently.

We’ll be here whenever you need us, including new and retrofit asphalt plant equipment and parts at any time.

Customizing Your Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Every hot mix asphalt plant requires a baseline set of equipment, but any given plant can require unique specifications. That’s why our direct consultative approach is so essential. We always go that extra mile to accommodate your ideal type of plant, benefits, design, and your unique customer base.

Standard Components of a Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

There’s a core set of equipment needed to build any hot mix asphalt plant, sized to meet your tons per hour (TPH) production needs. Our equipment is designed to accept many add-on options, whether for a stationary plant or for our Revolutionary portable plant.

Let’s See What You Need

CWMF has been a trusted company in the stationary and portable asphalt industry for decades. As a full-service manufacturing company, we engineer all of our products to order, allowing us to serve as a full-service, end-to-end provider of asphalt plant solutions. We have the machinery and equipment you need, and a confident team working together to make this happen. Whether it’s cold feed bins, drums, silos, or the entire plant, we get the job done in-house, from start to finish. This provides an exceptional experience for our customers, and for the dedicated team standing behind their products. We work hard not only to retain our reputation but to stay current on the latest industry trends and technologies.

Contact us for a site evaluation, expansion project idea, new equipment upgrades, or to discuss your custom needs.

Stationary Asphalt Plant
Stationary Asphalt Plant
mobile asphalt plant
Revolution D portable asphalt plant