If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us so far, it’s with each new day comes change. It seems like we are all learning to roll with the punches lately and take each day as it comes. Well, let’s not forget, sometimes change is for the good. Here at CWMF, change leads to growth, and growth leads to success. We have been in a constant state of change over the past thirty years, and thankfully these changes continue to remain positive.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look back at some of these changes. In 1988, Loren Mick built his first Dust-Eater baghouse. This was a game-changer, that eventually lead to the need for more space. Fast forward to 1994 and the companies first expansion, including new equipment, capabilities, and multiple building additions.

With continued company growth over the next several years, 2012 seemed like the right time to add on a large scale 30’ x 120’ state of the art paint booth, increasing our in-house finishing capabilities and production facility. A bigger facility leads to a bigger team! In 2014, an office addition was completed for our expanding design, engineering, and administration teams. Moving full steam ahead, 2016 brought our biggest addition to date, with a 13,500 square foot expansion. This nearly doubled our production space! And now here we are in 2020, as we prepare to break ground this month for yet another addition. An additional 6,300 square feet will most certainly help us meet our production demands!

So, what do we do with all this space? CWMF has five production areas that include processing (cutting/forming), plate and angle rolling, two shops, parts storage, and an environmentally controlled paint booth. These areas also house 11 overhead cranes, a 750-ton press brake, 10’ plate roller, 10’ x 25’ HD cutting table, and with the new addition we will add 2 more overhead cranes and a brand new 10’ x 50’ HD cutting table. This table is double the size of our previous table, which will increase our cutting capacities. Now, add into the mix our production crew, purchasing, materials/inventory/shipping, engineering, sales/marketing, human resources, administrative/office team, management and supervisors, and we have the formula for continued success! With CMWF’s aggressive growth plan, change is bound to continue as we pave our way into the future.

With all these positive changes over the years, CWMF has become a full-service manufacturing company. Our products are engineered to order, allowing us the capability of being a turnkey company. We have the machinery and equipment needed to produce our products, and a confident team working together to make this happen. Whether it’s cold feed bins, drums, silos, or the entire plant, we get the job done in house, from start to finish. This provides an exceptional experience for our customers, and for the dedicated team standing behind their products.

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