RAP Boss and RAP Boss Jr. Hit the Ground Running for Asphalt Recycling

We are thrilled to officially announce the launch of two new recycled asphalt crushing systems, RAP Boss and RAP Boss Jr., building on the success of our industry-leading sustainable reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) equipment Honey Badger Hammermill RAP Crusher and Tremor Shaker™ Scalping Screen for asphalt recycling.

New Portable and Stationary Recycled Asphalt Production Systems

The RAP Boss and the RAP Boss Jr. are portable or stationary, efficient, and make the most of asphalt recycling for optimal sustainability. The difference is size, scale, and price, providing options depending on our customers’ needs and preferences.

Sales Manager Wally Olson explains, “Our RAP Boss and RAP Boss Jr. recycled asphalt systems allow hot mix and crushed asphalt producers to minimize material handling, reduce or eliminate RAP crushing costs, and reduce RAP product moisture. Sustainability and cost efficiency are important to everyone, and these new systems streamline the production process for both plant development and ongoing operations.”

Building on Customer-Driven Innovation for Asphalt Recycling

Asphalt producers rely on our heavy-duty industrial equipment to process milled and recycled materials that mix with liquid asphalt cement (AC) and other aggregates to make high-quality recycled asphalt for paving. It’s a well-established industry that helps develop and sustain the world’s infrastructure, and we work to keep it fresh and add value all the time. We have a long history of innovation based on customer input and deep technical knowledge.

RAP Boss for recycled asphalt

The new RAP Boss systems build on other such developments, including the Honey Badger Hammermill RAP Crusher. With an average return on investment reflecting 1/8 the cost of other recycled asphalt crushing operations, the Honey Badger has been in high demand since the company launched it in 2021. They also incorporate the Tremor Shaker™ Scalping Screen, which enables additional cost savings, extends the life of the equipment, and reduces the need for adjustments during operations.

Get the Scoop on Sustainability and the New Recycled Asphalt Systems

There’s plenty more information on all of the above throughout our website. If you want to dig in, check out these helpful pages and post all about asphalt recycling and the equipment that makes it possible:

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