World of Asphalt Delivers Again

The 20th World of Asphalt, the leading trade show for the asphalt industry, delivered again, with an inspired agenda, great attendance, and industry insights with every conversation.

Traveling to a trade show is about more than exploring another city and showing off our own stuff. That’s always part of it, but for us, it’s really about being present in the industry, learning, connecting, and bonding with our colleagues, customers, and vendors. The industry insights we gain when we participate in trade shows and conferences are well worth the effort to be there.

Industry Insights on Future Trends

One of the big industry insights on trends was about winning the war for talent. Participants on a Women of Asphalt panel on diversity and inclusion in the asphalt industry discussed the untapped skilled workforce of women and minorities. This is quickly becoming a topic for many employers. This is all about how we turn that challenge into an opportunity by expanding our pool of talented candidates and being ready to embrace them when they show up.

We also heard and talked a lot about zero-emission standards. This is a topic of growing interest, as the conversation about environmental impacts escalates.

According to a National Asphalt Paving Industry (NAPA) article,the industry will, on a net basis, not contribute any carbon emissions from its own operations (e.g., materials, equipment). Many countries, industries, and companies worldwide are pledging to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 — a goal echoed by the asphalt pavement industry.

Even though asphalt is already one of the most recycled products in the United States and around the world, there will be challenges to meeting those high emissions standards. Our constant innovation in asphalt plant manufacturing equipment will be part of the solution.
For example, we’re already investigating high-potential innovations to reduce environmental impact, like the opportunity to manufacture asphalt using 100 percent recycled materials through rejuvenators. There will be much more to come on that topic!

Personal Connections Drive Industry Insights

First and foremost, it’s our customers who drive innovation by sharing industry insights on a regular basis. That effect is even more pronounced when we all get in a room together. Customers get ideas for their own research and development projects from conversations about our asphalt manufacturing equipment, and vice-versa. We get instant customer feedback, and they discover ways to help educate their people too.

Additionally, industry publications like Asphalt Pro gain new insights on questions to ask and solutions to feature. Those in-person conversations and relationship-building opportunities help move our business and the industry forward more productively and at a faster pace.

We’ve always felt the thrill of potential at events like World of Asphalt, but this year it was even more pronounced. There was a great buzz in the air, with everyone eager and ready to be back to normal. The virtual event last year effectively facilitated sharing of information, but it’s clear that everyone really missed the social interaction. It was amazing to be back!

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