Well, here we are, entering the final months of 2020. The year that has felt like it lasted forever. I think it’s safe to say most people are ready for a fresh start and the beginning of 2021. The only thing standing in our way is the upcoming holiday season.  Decorating, shopping, eating, and celebrating. That’s what the holidays usually shape up to be. Yet, this holiday season feels different. How are we supposed to be merry and bright when there are so many other things happening in the world around us? Is it okay to feel joy and happiness in a time of conflict and confusion? What do we have to be thankful for this year?

With all these questions looming in the cold crisp air, maybe now is the time to slow down and reflect. Instead of jumping into the hustle and bustle of seasons past, let’s take a moment to pause and count our blessings. There are so many things we should be grateful for, but can we easily adjust our attitudes and look for gratitude? Is it that effortless? It seems so simple to find gratitude when things are going our way, but maybe the focus should be to look for it in times of challenge and change. What can I be grateful for today? Who do I owe thanks? Shifting our attitudes can help eliminate negativity, and we all know there is enough of that going around right now.

Instead of focusing on the things we “can’t” do, why not look for the things we “can” do?  What can I do for someone else? Who needs a helping hand? How can I show someone I am thankful for them? After all, isn’t this the true meaning of the holiday season? Being able to do something for someone else is a gift we should all be grateful for. It may seem like something so simple, but to someone else, it can mean so much more.

This Thanksgiving, and into the upcoming weeks of December, look for the good. Notice the little things. Search for gratitude, and it will find its way to you. Go into this holiday season with feelings of thankfulness and gratefulness. Show someone you care. Be grateful, be thankful, be humble and be kind. These are the gifts we should be giving one another because these are the gifts that mean the most.


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