Adding In-House Industrial Automation Capabilities for Asphalt Plant Equipment Design and Production

Industrial automation and plant controls are essential components of any asphalt plant. So much so that we have acquired and integrated our long-time supplier, Eagle Electric, and now represent a complete line of industrial-grade controls and control components for the asphalt and aggregate industries. We can provide the engineering, manufacturing, retrofits/upgrades, installation, start-up, and training — every phase and stage of service to get you up and running at peak efficiency.

Before the 2022 acquisition, Eagle Electric was a St. Cloud, Minnesota company with 30+ years of experience in service, design, manufacturing, and installation of industrial controls, automation, and electronics, with proven expertise in hot mix asphalt plant equipment and maintenance.

“The acquisition was a natural extension of our already-strong working relationship with this local supplier,” explains CWMF President and CEO Carmie Mick. “It opened the door for us to streamline manufacturing and service and remove supply chain uncertainty while maintaining our shared focus on the customer.”

Integrating Industrial Automation

Bringing industrial automation into our internal design and manufacturing process enables us to work even more seamlessly with customers to customize their unique applications. Since the acquisition, our team has been working diligently to leverage the strengths of Eagle Electric while gaining efficiencies in the design and production processes.

“It hasn’t always been easy to blend two businesses with such a rich history, but it has been worth the effort,” adds Sales Manager Wally Olson. “Having the dedicated industrial automation capacity in-house means we can customize solutions and quote our customers’ delivery dates with greater confidence.”

What Customers Can Count On

Whether customers are looking for a comprehensive asphalt plant design project or a point solution for an existing plant, Industrial Automation is now fully baked into our collaborative process. We are at your service for plant controls and all other aspects of asphalt plant equipment.

Learn more about the industrial automation capabilities we added with the acquisition.

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