CWMF Unveils 40,000-square-foot Shop Expansion

In the heart of Waite Park, Minnesota, the construction dust has settled at CWMF’s newly expanded asphalt plant equipment manufacturing shop. The impressive 40,000-square-foot facility not only signifies the company’s commitment to innovation but also points to continued business expansion and a promising future for the local community.

Fueling Business Expansion and Prosperity in Waite Park

With the shop expansion now finished, the buzz around CWMF is palpable. This strategic move is not just about added square footage; it’s a testament to the company’s business expansion plan and its dedication to contributing to the prosperity of Waite Park.

Job Creation on the Horizon

One of the most significant impacts of continuing business expansion and this recently expanded facility is the potential for job creation. Over the next two years, CWMF plans to hire approximately 20 skilled individuals, injecting vitality into the local workforce. These new positions will span across various roles, including engineers, welders, assemblers, sandblasters, painters, and material handlers.

Craftsmanship and Automation

At CWMF, craftsmanship takes precedence over automation, but make no mistake – we need both. The company’s commitment to building everything custom means that we need skilled individuals and automation to complement each other, not just one or the other. This focus on manual expertise translates to job security for employees—a rare and valuable asset in today’s rapidly changing industrial landscape. However, the incorporation of automation contributes to crucial productivity gains, creating a mutually beneficial scenario.

Enhanced Facilities for a Better Work Environment through Business Expansion Plan

Recognizing the importance of a conducive work environment, the expansion includes more than just additional manufacturing space. CWMF has invested in a new breakroom, upgraded bathrooms, a modern locker room, a warehouse, 4 welding bays, and an enclosed blast booth. These additions ensure that employees have comfortable and well-equipped spaces to relax and recharge during their breaks, even as they stay busy with business expansion.

Engineering Excellence Takes Center Stage

Above the breakroom, the completed facility houses new office space for CWMF’s team of engineers. This move not only consolidates the company’s commitment to innovation but also brings together the technical minds that drive ongoing organizational success and business expansion.

The Bottom Line on the CWMF Shop and Business Expansion

With the construction dust settled, CWMF’s completed 40,000-square-foot expansion in Waite Park, Minnesota, is more than just a milestone; it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to growth, job creation, and community prosperity. As the new facilities come online, CWMF is poised to continue its legacy of excellence, proving that with every business expansion, they’re not just building structures—they’re building opportunities for the future.

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