keep temps up & costs down

Silo systems

Features & Benefits

We engineered our silos to hold up to the harsh environment. High performance and reliability at an affordable cost. We manufacture high-performing, heavy-duty asphalt, heated, and portable silo options. These silos can be loaded with all your needs to help you pave the way.

High level alarm
Electric or hot-oil cone heat
100 to 300 ton storage capacity
Dense fiberglass blanket insulation for optimal heat retention

Portable Silos - CWMF
superior construction

We insulate the top platform with 10″ of insulation and the sidewalls with 6″ of insulation. The top platform is fabricated from 10″ channel, insulated and capped on top and bottom. It is then directly mounted on the top of the silo can. This provides more structural integrity for mounting the slat.

Portable Silos - CWMF
strength & durability

All the seams in the can and cone are bevel prepped and welded on both sides. This is to ensure 100% weld penetration. Our silos are built to last. For example, the bottom (2) sections of the silo are fabricated from 1/2″ steel. As a result, our silos have added strength and wear life. We line our cones with 3/8″ AR400 “Turtle-back” liners and the can is lined 8′ up the side with 1/4″ AR400.

Portable Silos - CWMF
safety & efficiency

The cone is equipped with timed, clam-gates. Our cone opening is 39″ in diameter allowing fast unloading. We also have insulated safety gates as a secondary safety measure. These gates are set up to activate if the air pressure drops below the set-point.

innovative Batcher design

Our patent-pending system allows you to service your gates without removing the batcher, which increases safety and decreases costly down time.

Our bolt-on batcher is standard at 4 tons with optional extensions for increased capacity and large access doors on two sides. All components are external  and gates are removable for easy access and maintenance.

With a heavy-duty material splitter and outward opening gates, our batcher minimizes segregation and drops material to the center of the silo, preventing can/cone wear.

asphalt silo
asphalt silo
asphalt silo
Portable Silos - CWMF
CWMF Silos
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